Lovely playful puppy

7&half months old English springer spaniel X bullmastiff puppy, ready for a good home. She is
looking for a loving caring home with a garden. She had all her treatments up to date and microchip. She knows her basic command such as sit here, there, wait, and give me paw. Toilet train in pad and garden. Eat a fresh cook mixed of everything and puppy food sometimes. She loves peanut butter early morning treats. Love fruits such as apples, pear, mango, bananas, blackberries (given to her as treats during exercise time) small pure amount of fresh homemade smoothies. She had two meals a day morning and 5 pm
A small amount of dry food for her lunch.
She is trained to go to bed from 8 pm to 5 am and sleep alone.
She is independent and can be left alone for 4 hours and it depends on feeding arrangement. She is very friendly to everyone including another dog. She loves meeting other puppies.
She’s energetic and she will require exercise daily basis. She’s healthy. dry eyes which will need taken care of.
She’s going to be a medium size like her mother.
I will do home visits first to make sure that she will be looked after well. I have to make this hard decision due to others' commitment.
Both mother and dad are very healthy and their pictures are available to be seen.
She can live with other animals and children with guardians.
She will need more training she still got a long way to learn more things.
She’s adorable and we play basketball together plus love fetching her tennis ball/ teddy bear etc
I based in Camden Town NW1.
I spent a lot of time training here and she’s getting better every day.
She loves sitting in the garden especially when the sun is out.
price negotiable.

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