French Bulldog Female

Blue French Bulldog female (although she was sold to me as lilac with intensity gene)
3 years old,
up to date with flea and worming and had a full groom last week.
She is a stunning girl, raw fed and as such has beautiful shiny, glossy coat and bright eyes and good teeth. She will leave with a months supply of food and treats.
We have had her for 7 months, she is great, I cannot complain about her, you hardly know she is here but my daughter is awful with her. I’ve tried so hard to teach my daughter but it’s getting worse rather than better and I need to intervene before something happens. My daughter does not stop with the dog. She’s on at her all the time. Trying to ride her like a pony (and Gigi is only little).
She is quiet and I have only heard her bark once in 7 months, doesn’t mind being left alone, I think I she likes the peace and quiet.
She is fine with other dogs, if a little nervous. She plays lovely with my brothers spaniel. She also likes cats, she does stand up if they run past etc but she’s fine as sees my Mums cat at least 3 times per week.
She really is placid and I don’t think she was treated very well previously.
She is not a crazy Frenchie who runs around like a loon. She is super chilled and laid back. She loves fuss and lying next to you watching tv. She is a brilliant companion. She isn’t interested in toys etc.
She does love going for walks and gets excited when the lead comes out. She seems to have one person (the one who feeds her) and she will be your shadow at home. She sleeps downstairs of a night and is fine with that. She doesn’t even try to come upstairs, must have been trained like that as we didn’t teach that.
I’ve paid up for the year for flea and worming with pets at home, happy for the new owner to take that on.
She is not spayed, she has had a litter although not with us. I will say she is due in season in around 6 weeks and you could get her done before that as it was quite a messy experience.
She has a small cut near her neck where she caught herself when having a good scratch but it is healing well. She had a scar on her tummy from c section.
She is toilet trained but has the occasional accident but that’s usually my fault tbh.
Gigi deserves the world and a happy loving family. This is hard for us as my son is very, very attached but this is just not working out. My daughter is going to do her some damage soon and it isn’t fair. Gigi has never done anything, no growling, nothing, she doesn’t deserved to live this like. I couldn’t ask more of this little doggy. But to be clear Gigi loves children and has never once been anything other than delightful to anyone!
Pleas text me if you need any info. I am on holiday from work and will be running around after a wild 2 year old and my bigger son has a broken ankle, not to mention the dog Gigi.
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