5 month old puppie rehoming

5 month old black and white male border collie puppie for rehoming, it has took me a while to come
to this decision as I really so not want to let him go but we have come to the decision that we have to as we have an autistic child and 2 other children one which is 9 months old we just don't have the time for him with our busy lifestyle and so isn't fair on him. I would like him to be rehomed either to a child free home where he can get the attention he needs as he can be a handful, or a family with older children. He is house trained does not do toilets in the house although this hasn't been tested at night as we put him in his crate at night time and he has no accidents. He has alot of energy and is good of the lead in big enclosed places away from roads but still at times ignores recalls he is still only a pup and still learning though but I know if training is kept up with he will sail through and be such a great loyal companion, he listens to some commands i.e, sit, out, paw, he still has a tendency to pull on the lead when being walked with the right words he is learning to walk beside me with the word (heal) he jumps up when excited but again with the right words he often listens with the word (OFF) whenever he is on anything he shouldn't or jumping up, it's just a case of continuing this into every day life and I can confidently say he will be amazing with the right owner. I will emphasise again! He really does need plenty of attention and definitely patience someone that can work on him, he can't be left all day long on his own which most dogs shouldn't be anyway but the longest he has been left is 3 hours max and aslong as I've gave him a drink and let him out for a toilet before I leave he is fine in his crate, but I would not recommend to leave him for any longer than 2-3 hours a time. I need this rehoming to be his forever home so please only enquire with genuine interest and knowing you can give your time to him. He is fully vaccinated flea'd, wormed and has been microchipped. Thank you

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